What is Waking Dreams Games?

Waking Dreams Games is a small game publishing company dedicated to creating new and innovative experiences. We believe that games are an important part of life and serve multiple purposes but most of all is their ability to bring people together. A family or a group of friends creating memories is one of the greatest joys of life. Our dream is to bring people together to share these moments and to awaken them to the other joys that can be found through games. Come join us and live the dream.

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All-New Card Game: Dream On, Froggy!

Four years ago, I began designing a card game based around what many called one of the most absurd themes they had ever heard of. Originally consisting of almost two hundred cards, we have streamlined this game and created a fun and eccentric experience that will bring hours of enjoyment to all. It is with great pride that I now present to everyone our latest game, “Dream On, Froggy”!

Genetically mutated, cybernetically enhanced frogs have escaped their cages and are fighting for control of the lab! Take control of one of six unique amphibians and fight against each other or team up against a common foe. Use the items strewn about the lab to wreak destruction and be the last frog hopping in this exciting and fast-paced card game!

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V1.0 Rulebooks Back in Stock!

Version 1.0 Core Rule Books are back in stock! Due to a printing error, we are left with an overstock and we are passing the savings on to you. Grab physical and digital copies of our rule book along with character sheets for only $30! Once these books are sold out, that’s the end of version 1.0!

In the event you receive a book with pages out of order, you may send it back to us for a good copy at no extra cost.

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Sale on Digital Version!

Due to our physical copies being out of stock, we are now offering a sale on the digital version of the Core Rulebook!

Save $20 today while the sale is on!

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