About Us

What is Waking Dreams Games?

Waking Dreams Games is a small game publishing company dedicated to creating new and innovative experiences. We believe that games are an important part of life and serve multiple purposes but most of all is their ability to bring people together. A family or a group of friends creating memories is one of the greatest joys of life. Our dream is to bring people together to share these moments and to awaken them to the other joys that can be found through games. Come join us and live the dream.

Who are we?

Our small core team is currently involved in our primary project – The Waking Dreams Games Table-Top RPG System Manual, Monster Manual, and world book entitled Legends of the Dragon Keepers.

Chad Brayman
Chad is a self-described “Grandiose figure with delusions of modesty”. Chad started Waking Dreams Games shortly after he experienced a life-changing revelation. He recalls, “I used to work an office job, dealing with Operations and whatnot. I hated every moment of it! One day, I was getting a root canal and realized that it was more enjoyable than my job. That was my wake-up call that I needed to get out of there and do something for myself. So I left and haven’t looked back. Almost a year later, I stand here on the brink of bringing a new table-top RPG system into the world and I couldn’t be happier. For me, this is my dream come true!”

We take a lot of pride in the work that we have done and hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Come visit us at our next convention appearance or contact us today. If you are close enough, we might even run a game for you and your friends!

About Our Artists

Hillary Pearlman
Hillary is illustrating our core rulebook and is an award winning artist with many accolades to her name. The moment Chad saw her work, he knew he wanted her to illustrate his books. Her work stands as some of the iconic imagery of Waking Dreams Games.

David Murk
Fresh out of college when he was first approached to create artwork for the Monster Manual, David has poured his heart and pencil collection into creating some of the most unique images of mythological and imagined monsters ever seen.

Josh Crystal
Josh is a freelance graphic designer who created and maintains our official website. He provides websites, printed materials and photography for his clients and has a deep appreciation for table-top and video games. Most recently, he designed our first publication, the Waking Dreams Games Core Rulebook.