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Expanded Character Sheet Pack

Featuring single and double page character sheets with 12 different character silhouettes!

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Character Sheet Pack

Free download featuring Fighter, Archer, and Wizard character sheets.

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Waking Dreams Games Core Rulebook – Physical & Digital

The full 176-page hardcover coil-bound Core Rulebook plus the digital edition in a bookmarked PDF format along with:

8.5×11 Digital Character sheets featuring warrior, archer and mage character icons.

8.5×11 Digital Spell Book sheet featuring full spell list with room for notation.

Excerpt from the “Inn-Troduction”

Within these pages are rules that will allow you to explore a world of magic, mystery, lore, and self-realization…well, at least for your character. This table-top roleplaying game does not utilize many tools – simply some paper, a pencil, a dice set, and some imagination are all that are needed to play...

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