Dream On, Froggy

Genetically mutated, cybernetically enhanced frogs have escaped their cages and are fighting for control of the lab!

Take control of one of six unique amphibians and fight against each other or team up against a common foe.

Use the items strewn about the lab to wreak destruction and be the last frog hopping in this exciting and fast-paced card game!

20-30 Minutes | 1-6 Players | Ages 10+ | Contains: 83 Cards + Instructions

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cover-webWaking Dreams Games Core Rulebook

This easy to learn table top role-playing system gives the player the ability to create their character how they want to. While there is a class system that incorporates over 175 skills and spells, players have the freedom to make up their own skills to use in the game.

Created, tested, and refined at game stores and conventions, The Waking Dreams Games Core Rulebook has proven to be an entertaining and unique experience for everyone.

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Excerpt from the “Inn-Troduction”

Within these pages are rules that will allow you to explore a world of magic, mystery, lore, and self-realization…well, at least for your character. This table-top roleplaying game does not utilize many tools – simply some paper, a pencil, a dice set, and some imagination are all that are needed to play. You will step into the role of a character of your own creation and interact with this world. Any actions that you make may have an impact upon the storyline you are following, and will change the outcome…for better or for worse. So, grab your dice, pencils, and character sheets because it is time to fire up that imagination! Welcome to the inn – where every quest starts. Most wonderful adventurer, it’s time to live the dream!

Okay, but how the heck do I play this?

This is a type of game known as a Table-Top Role-Playing Game (or TTRPG for short). In this game, one player must opt to be the person who runs the game, called the Lucid Dreamer (or LD for short) while the other players get to make characters. The Lucid Dreamer will need to plan their story out in advance and, during game play, the characters that the other players made will get to have an adventure within the storyline their LD has created. Within any given situation of these storylines, players acting as their characters will make decisions and actions that will affect the storyline. Political discourse, hacking through the creatures of a dungeon, performing an opera…the possibilities are limitless, providing the player succeeds on their dice rolls.

This game is not intended for gambling purposes.